Carrier Services

Everything you need to succeed.

OpenRoad considers all of the carriers that work with us to be our partners in business. To help them be successful, we provide a variety of services. For more information on any of these services, click on “Become A Carrier” in the sidebar to give us a call or send a message.

Paperless Billing Process

OpenRoad makes it easy to submit your invoices and bills of lading so you can get paid quickly and easily.

Discount Fuel Card Program

OpenRoad offers a fuel card program to our dedicated owner operators and small fleets. Our card works virtually everywhere and gives you one less bill to manage.

Discount Tire Purchase Program

When our carriers need new tires, we can provide them with significant discounts on most major brands.

Lease Program for Owner Operators

For our carriers who own a truck, or want to, but don’t want to have to do all of the paperwork associated with running a business, OpenRoad helps them be successful by managing their loads, billing, permitting, registration, taxes, fuel, tires, etc.

Payment Advance for Fuel and Other Expenses

We understand that there are a lot of costs that our carriers incur while hauling a load for us. OpenRoad can help with your fuel costs by advancing part of the payment for the load as soon as it is loaded, via ComCheck.


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Carriers are given flexible payment terms and are always paid on time.

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